Friday, October 8, 2010

Bonanza's Selah54 Thumper Updates

The Bonanza Community Comes Together!

Due to the over whelming support and inquiring of updates for Selah54's condition we will be updating via this blog.

As many of you know Selah fell of a 10ft. Scaffolding while she was painting her house. Neighbors found her laying on the ground and immediately rushed her to a hospital. I got a call yesterday as was told she had broken c6 & c7 vertebrae. She has no feeling on any of her limbs and the Dr.'s need to wait for the swelling to go down before they attempt to do surgery to repair whatever damage they can. It's a very Risky operation.

I have been in contact with her fiance and a friend we have one new update. Selah is speaking! She says Hi :) . She is requesting Prayers! I will keep everyone posted via this blog.

Many of you from the Bonanza community have expressed a desire to send cards to let her know that you are praying for her speedy & full recovery. Her fiance & I have decided that all cards be sent to me so that I may forward them to her family to make sure she gets them and is able to read them or have them read to her.

Please forward them to my attention at:

Gladys Ramos
1251 Olde Farm Road Apt. 308
Schaumburg,IL 60173

Please put your booth names on the card so her family can tell her who it's from.

A Special thank you to Catnutti who has been keeping the OP updated for us not an easy task with so many comments to sift through.

I'd also like to thank atpamsplace place for creating such a loving tribute to our Thumper friend.The HPL (Hand Picked List) can be viewed here MY Friend Thumper feel free to leave Selah a comment. I will be printing them all out and sending it to her.

Also many of you have expressed that we take donation for flowers right now she is in the ICU and flowers are not permitted. I also think that if we took donations the money should be used to help pay her monthly bills since she will be out of commission for a while.

I have spoken to her fiance and he is very distraught and has asked me to take care of this for them. I created a Chip-in account and all the money collected will be accounted for and will go directly to Selah's PayPal account. SofyBlu & I will monitor all incoming donations to assure they are handled appropriately.

That being said I will start it off by donating ALL of my Bonanza sales for the month of October.

If you wish to send a donation you may do so here:

Once again the Bonanza community has brought me to tears. Your generosity and overwhelming love is something that both Selah & I cherish and hold dear to our hearts. A community that rushes to another members aid with Love,Prayer,Good wishes is a community to be proud of!

It's amazing how one person can touch so many lives way across the world. Just goes to show that one person REALLY can make a difference. One act of kindness can create an snowball effect of kindness. Selah has many friends in the Bonanza and Twitter community. I know each and everyone of you are Praying for her full recovery. I also know that you will continue to Stand By Her in her time of need.

Many of you have asked me what you can do to help.

What you can do to help?

1.Pray and then pray some more!
2.You can send a card if you wish.
3. You can donate what you can if you wish
4. You can Tweet, Facebook, Google Buzz and Blog the Chipin URL:

What she needs:
Prayers and lots of them!

At this time I ask that all questions be submitted here via the comments section to make it easier on me and Nancy (TodaysFinds) to gather them and address them. Feel free to leave your prayers and good thoughts here as well.

Thank You

Saturday 10/9/2010 Update On Selah & More!

Just got off the Phone with Selah's fiance and we have nothing new to report. He did ask us to Pray for a miracle because she has a long road ahead of her recovery wise. He is very touched by everyone's efforts, prayers and gestures.

The contributions are pouring in your generosity is greatly appreciate and I'd like to point out that the amount reflected in the chip in is not correct add another $100 to that total as someone has sent in there donations before I got a chance to put this blog together.

I'd like to Thank Dee for as she puts it a labor of Love that is so touching it could of only come from one place. I will let her tell you where it comes from in her own words.

Taken from her thread on Bonanza which can be found here:

this was NOT my idea…now you Dearies will hear/read a Different Side of me…I am telling you, this ’’’’Came’’’’ to me in Prayer ’’’’Wouldn’t it be nice if Selah had something more she could CLING to?’’’’ and it w

as like in the MIDDLE of my Prayer I sort of kind of Heard this Voice say that…and I sort of half said to myself, ’’’’Yes! That would be nice.’’’’ and then, almost dismissed that thought, because I wanted to go on praying…and it was AFTER I finished my Prayers, My Visualizing Selah being Healed, etc., that I Realized, ’’’Oh My Gosh! I could make her a Bonanza Quilt…egad I have LOTS of GREENS and LOTS of Yellows and Golds…Yeah, and I have tons of batting, plenty of threads!‘’’ and then I just broke down and bawled, Realizing, this ONE thing, I am pretty sure, I’m the probably one of the ONLY ones, here, involved in Bonanza Forums, who can REALLY say, I would not have to BUY one thing to MAKE this Quilt, and I Sew Well and Quick, not Expertly, but for an Easy Quilt, yes, and I have the artistic Skills to make that Bunny into Fabric pcs. to Applique…so You See, Peeps, this Gift is NOT from me…I’m the GO Between, this IS a Gift from God, I am Sure as Little Joe Shootin down a old tin can with GOOD aim, THIS is ONLY about Selah, and Go

d Telling us what we can DO, Together. I am liken to ONLY one feather in a HUGE Flock of Birds!

Selah will be wrapped with our love when she receives this lovely quilt. :)

Here is a sneak peek at one of the appliques being used:

For more information on the qu ilt please refer to Dee's Thread on Bonanza Thank you.


Made a lovely heart felt HPL full of Love! Thank you Granny I will print it out and send it to Selah.

It can be viewed here:


Please continue to Pray for Selah!

Thank you everyone!


Sunday 10/10/10

I want to address something really quick. This blog was created to facilitate questions,updates and to also facilitate the community wishes to contribute and show their support for Selah. I hope that I have addressed everyone's wishes but most of all I hope I have given everyone a chance to contribu te in anyway they can.

The Chipin account was created for those that wanted to give, it was either that or I wasn't going to have a booth because you all threatened to buy me out. I can't stop a community from giving when they want to give with their hearts.

Please do not feel that you need to give or that you need to give more than you already have. Please don't feel you must cash in your piggy banks or drain your accounts. Selah would not want that. S he asked for Prayers nothing more.

Cards are welcomed but also not necessary A Prayer or good wishes expressed via the blog comment section would be just as good and just as meaningful.

Now for the Quilt :)

Pics below include, When fabrics came out of the dryer, in other words, not yet spray sized or ironed to prep for cutting on my GO. Also I’m working on Satin Stitching the Bunny on the Bed of Roses. Satin Stitched Thread Colors help to ’’outline’’ the Various Portions of the Piece, so it’ won’t look exactly like th is when finished as all I got done was the basket and part of the green blanket. That’s NOT stitching around the Roses, that’s my Quilters pen lines where I marked so I could cut a ‘’balanced ou tline’’ This will be placed in the MIDDLE of the quilt. Plus this has not been pressed with an iron yet:

I can't wait to see this Quilt when it's finished!

Now for the good stuff!

We have a small but great update! Selah has regained some movement in her all of her limbs,surgery is still p ending,righ t now they consider her safe meaning that they will bump her off the surgery list if someone comes in who needs immediate attention. Surgery will be soon Our guess is that maybe Tuesday since Monday is Canada's Thanksgiving Day Holiday.

I'd like to ask that everyone pleas e leave a prayer,Bible quote or good wishes in the comments section today for Selah.

I'll start first:

Lord, there were times in Your mother's life when she waited for news. When You were lost in the Temple and when You were first conceived immediately come to mind. She handled these situations calmly and

maturely. Waiting for news is not easy for me. My mind races with the possibilities, and I imagine the worst. I mill the same thoughts over and over, finding it impossible to concentrate on anything else. Quiet my mind and release my anxiety during the waiting time. Remind me that my constant fretting and worry does nothing to change the outcome or to hurry the news. Help me focus only on the good results that can come from this. I admit I am powerless in this situation. Therefore, I turn it over to Your care, confident in Your power to bring the quick and positive resolution I seek.

From the Marian Pra

yer Book

Thank you

I just Got a Call The Surgery is TODAY!!

Her Fiance just called me again the Dr. decided to do the surgery today no time frame was give just that it would be today! Pray that everything goes right!! They said she was able to roll on her side a bit today so that's really good news.

I'm giving the updates as they come to me and I specifically asked to be notified the minute she come out of surger y. So hang tight!

Thank you

Update 10/10/10 7:57 PM

At the moment I'm overwhelmed with emotions so excuse any typos or lack of grammar cause frankly I could careless! We came together ever since we heard of Selah's accident Thursday morning. We have all sat and waited for news everyday.We have all prayed, sent good wishes and supported her in thoughts. We have also comforted each other through tears, laughter and just being there with a comforting word. I just got word that Selah is out of surgery. We have been praying for a mirac l e since Thursday and I do believe we have received one. Selah's surgery went well, better than expected ,was what I was told. God was with her on that fall and he was with her during her surgery and I hope he continues to be with her during her recovery.
I was told she was a bit groggy and we won't know more for a few days. You all will have to excuse me but I have to sign off f or tonight. Keep praying!

Thank you

Update 10/11/10

I got a call and thought I should share. I was told Selah is in good spirits and talking a lot more. Dr.'s had nothing but good news so far. Seems everything is going very well.

Keeping praying for a speedy recovery!

10/12/10 Tuesday Update

Okay got of the phone and was told that Selah is ‘talking’ and that the nurses have the top of her be d elevated a bit, She is off I.V.'s but still on heavy meds to help with pain.

Keeping praying for a speedy recovery!

A quick Thank you to Nancy And Shauney for keeping the Scavenger Hunt game going while we wait for Selah's return!

For more info on the game please visit the forum here:
h t tp://

10/14/10 Thursday

Sorry about no updates yesterday. I did get an update but it was late last night and I was exhausted. So today's update is really yesterdays.

Selah has been trying to feed herself,still has the halo on and has a burning sensation in her hands and arms which I was told is common for these kinds of injuries. They are trying to keep her as comfortable as they can with medications.

For those bmailing me asking about paralysis she is not Paralyzed nor will she be she has mobility . She's in good spirits and is talking a lot more.

She was given a message from me and it made her laugh she thought it was the best message ever because she shared it with another visitor. :)

If I get another update today I will post it.

The mail lady rang my door and said my mail wouldn't fit in my mailbox so I went down stairs and wasn't expecting what I got!!!

The mail lady asked if it was my Birthday! I think I counted 30 later on the mail lady came back with a few more she found so I have 32!! And I was told by a few members that theirs are on the way!

Selah is going to LOVE these cards. I can see her smiling from ear to ear when she gets them.

Keep praying for a full speedy recovery!
Thank you

Saturday 10/16/10

Selah will be coming home in about a 1.5 weeks! :) She needs to wear the halo for 2 more months but the Dr. told her she was very lucky. I don't think it had anything to do with luck after hearing the gruesome details of her fall I know it wasn't luck no one is that lucky. I will let her tell you the details if and when she wants. I myself needed a day to process it,it wasn't easy to hear what happened and much harder not to think about how this could of ended. This was nothing less than a miracle.

This has all been very close to home for me. Selah is like a sister to me,actually I always refer to her as my guardian angel because she is always by my side. I'm the not the only one she's touched as you can see from the outpouring of love. I got some more cards today I think were at 45 cards with a few still makin g their way here. It's a good thing I have a King size bed! LOL!

Thank you Pace for sharing this video!

Thursday 10/21/10

I have great NEW S Selah took 8 steps yesterday!! Sideways steps but I'll take that cause it only means she's few steps closer to coming back to us! We aren't sure if they are still going to send her home this week or not. She has a long road ahead of her before she's back to full swing.
She asked us to keep praying for her.She's going through Bonanza withdrawals and I'm missing my friend. I'm hoping I can ta lk to her soon.

I will be sending all the cards soon so if you have yet to mail your card please contact me ASAP so I can give you some time to do that. So Far I have 50 cards to ship out! I wish I could see her face when she opens the box and sees all these cards!

Friday 10/22/10

A spec ial message from Selah to everyone:
Start message: Thanks to everyone for the prayers. Looking forward to being back online again as soon as I learn to walk again,LOL! : End message

She walked 35 meters in a zig zagging sideways steps but walked up the hallway and back!!

Friday 10/22/10 9PM

I just got a phone call from Selah!!

I can't even tell you all how great it was to hear her voice on the other end of that phone. She sounded great,her spirits are up and she just sound like her old self.
She said she is blessed by all of you and thanks everyone for all the prayers and she is so touched by the show of support.

She said she is walking like a drunken woman. She said she is a walking miracle and all of our prayers helped her heal and continue to heal her. She can't wait to come back to the Bonanza community because she misses us all.

It was really good to talk to her. A huge relief to be able to hear that sweet angelic voice again.

One of my favorite Thumper moments ;)

Sunday 10/24/10
And There Off!

Selah takes off with speed her Fiance is in last place! Up in front is Selah unseen since 10/6/10 on Bonanza but shes on the lead ,Her Fiance is far behind with the wheel chair! He can't keep up! Shes halfway down the hallway and he struggles to catch up.

Roflmao!! Her Fiance called to tell me she had just walked 2 laps around the hospital hallway that's the farthest she's walked. He said before he knew it she took off and he couldn't keep up with her. I told him she probably would of ran out of there if she could!

It was nice to here Selah and her Fiance laughing as he was telling me all about it. She was ROFWHLOA (rolling on the floor with halo laughing out loud)! LOL!! I can picture her taking off without help, she's very stubborn and determined.

She wants to make sure I'm thanking everyone for your Prayers and she wants you all to know they are working. Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

She will be moved to a rehabilitation center possible Monday but we aren't sure just yet. I'll keep you all posted as I learn more.

Wednesday 10/27/10

I decided to start this update with a song so feel free to sing along. Enjoy!

Selah has been walking, getting up from the bed, going to the rest room and getting dressed by herself. So she somehow managed to get a free pass from Rehab! Is this one determined woman or what? There is a snow storm up in Canada right now and her Fiance can not go visit her because the roads are all closed do to all the snow. Oh wait I didn't tell ya did I? She can go home! Poor Selah she is so ready to go home and now she is stuck there till the roads are clear enough.

3 weeks ago I announced that she had had an accident and broken her neck. We didn't know what was going to happen. All we could do was pray. Today she is walking out of a hospital and coming home! As Selah would say "God Is Good"! Let's pray for a safe arrival home!

This will be my last update to this blog. The next update will be from Selah herself via the Bonanza forums.

Thank you everyone for all your comments, support and well wishes. But most of all thank you for all the prayers.

Gladys Ramos