Saturday, November 17, 2012

Are you ready of the Holiday Season?

37 Days and counting! Are you ready?

  • If you don’t list it you can’t sell it!! Fill your online stores with stocking stuffer's and gifts for the whole family.
  • Let your buyers know when your shipping cut off days are for the Holiday Season.
  • Make a marketing calendar and stick to it. That way you know when you have to send out your emails and when your sales start and stop.
  • Order plenty of Business Cards, Coupons and fliers.

Optimize listings to attract buyers

  • Price competitively. Snag a sale!
  • Use keyword rich titles and descriptions. Write a title as if there where no description or pictures. Write a description as if there were no pictures or title.
  • Clear crisp pictures. Crop them!

Promote your deals

  • Send your holiday email campaign to all your past buyers with an incentive to purchase from you again. Enclose a coupon.
  • Think about sending a series of email campaigns example: one for a coupon with a few selections, another for early bird specials, and lastly a blowout sale. Make them all now and save them that way there ready to send when you need them.
  • Utilize Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Google+  and Youtube! Promote your Sales!
  • Utilize holiday packing slips.They're a great opportunity to remind buyers of your great service, upcoming promotions. Include a special coupon.
Life Savers
  • Make your holiday bundles now and advertise them to your buyers via email and flier to all your new buyers. Make plenty of Bundles now to save on time during the big rush!
  • Set your custom categories to make your store shopper friendly. Nothing will turn off a buyer faster than having to dig through pages trying to find an item!
  • Make a stocking stuffer's custom category and stock it with $10 and less items.
Get organized and Streamline shipping
  • Order shipping supplies now to avoid running out during the busy holiday rush.
  • Order boxes, ink,labels, tape, packing paper, packing peanuts, printer paper etc.
  • Organize your shipping areas for a smooth packing process during your peak days.
Mark your calendars! Key Dates
  • Have your marketing calendar near your desk. 
  • Mark when your sales start and end.
  • Mark when to launch and stop special coupons .
  • Consult it daily so you know when to send out your marketing emails.
DO NOT I repeat DO NOT stop listing keep adding new things. Give your buyers plenty to see and buy!

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